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Celebration of Science Rolls Out With a Bang!

BBP students, parents, teachers and supporters gathered on April 2, for SEED’s First Annual Celebration of Science.  This was a chance for everyone, of every age in our district to see, share and learn about the impressive efforts and discoveries of our students. The event featured science research projects by BBP students grades 3-6 alongside displays by high school and middle school science clubs and teams.

The community voted for  SEED’s “People’s Choice” Awards from work of grades 3-6.

 Congratulations to our winners:

photo 5

photo credit: Carol Cinelli


  Katelyn Tirado  “Make the Wind Work for You”


Jillian Carson  “Dish Soap Dilemma”  

photo 2

photo credit: Carol Cinelli


 Norah Fryer  “Visual v. Auditory Memory” 


 Lucas Becher   “Do All Soaps Work the Same ?”

photo 4

photo credit: Carol Cinelli


 Jack Baron   “Air Ball Reaction”


 Bryanne Baldassarre   “Hamster Maze”

Approximately 45 sixth grade projects featured work done throughout the year in the elective sixth grade Science Research class. Erick Muller, who teaches 6th along with the 7th, and 8th grade Science Research programs, explained students sign up for these as they enter 6th grade. Mr. Muller and co-advisor, Bob Donnarummo also coach the middle school’s Science Olympiad team.

SEED was proud to honor Bayport Blue Point’s  Brookhaven National Lab Science Competition First Place winners.  Our district had 3 winners in the last 5 years!  These students were selected out of 450 projects from schools through out our region.  2011 winner, Philip Tubiolo presented his work on “Oil -vs- Photosynthesis” and  2013 winner Emily Phua presented “No Task Left Behind”; Bridget Fabiani the 2010 winner’s project asked “How Smart is your Bookworm?”.

Along with student projects, three competitive local First Lego League (FLL) teams participated.

photo 2

photo credit: Carol Cinelli

Bayport’s award winning FLL Tesla Team , coached by parents Jonathan and Cara Spier and the the JWY middle school FLL team, led by coaches Jim Chant and Kevin Mongan were there to  share their work.

photo 1

photo credit: Carol Cinelli

The Girl Scouts presented two teams,  at the FLL level, the Brainstormers and then an advanced team that showed off their robot which competes at the First Tech Challenge level.


photo 3

photo credit: Carol Cinelli

At the High School Level BBP’s award winning Science Olympiad team, coached by Steve Roach and Denise Kelly, presented their trophy and described how their team works. Projects from the new High School Science Research program (also led by Mr Roach) were displayed nearby. High School and Middle School Science Department chairperson Nikki Restivo shared the work of our High School Ecology Club, advised by Amity Baum. Restivo told supporters that “thanks to Phil Turano’s spearheading of the “get the greenhouse to grow” project, with Ms. Baum’s help, and support from Karl Auwaerter (of SEED and the Bayport Flower Houses) our newly renovated greenhouse at the high school  is up and running and will be available for student research projects in fall 2014!”

photo 4

photo credit: Carol Cinelli

SEED invited Board of Education member, Bill Milligan who was, in his words,  “engaging kids and parents to talk about some of the wonderful technologies that are currently available for “young inventors” (i.e. Arduinos, Raspberry Pi s, …) to cultivate interest and promote engagement in the “mind sports””.

The BBP library‘s children’s department also was there promoting resources and this year’s Summer Reading club with the science theme Fizz, Boom, Read.

photo 4

photo credit: Carol Cinelli

To top off the night at 7PM everyone gathered for a dynamic show: “Physics and Forces, the Marvels of Motion”, by Mad Science.

Special thanks goes to Karl Auwaerter, Kathy Brand and Joan Heiser for making this event possible. We also thank all the parents, science teachers and coaches, our B.O.E , Dr. Hearney, Dr. Butera, Dr. Passi, Tim Mullins, Mr. Haas, Ms. Haske, Ms. Ketcham, Ms. Shannon, Ms. Petre for all your work teaching, encouraging, leading, and fostering science  in BBP.  

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